Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dems Sweep County Fair

Dems Sweep Johnson County Mock Election

Chet Culver and Dave Loebsack appear to have lost no popularity at all in Johnson County, and Roxanne Conlin is well ahead of Chuck Grassley, according to results from the Johnson County Fair mock election.

It's all unscientific, of course; kids and outsiders get to vote in the annual event, and the third party vote gets slightly exaggerated since it doesn't really count. Yet the fair has, since 1999, indicated a general trend.

You might write it off as, well, that's just the People's Republic. But even in Johnson County, the fair draws an older, more rural, more conservative crowd.

Conlin, to be sure, still has a little work to do to catch up to the rest of the ticket. But her solid fair win shows that the Senate race is competitive. Grassley has slipped from the 51% he enjoyed at the 2004 fair to just 39% this year, dropping from a 10 point win to a 15 point loss.

(You can vote for Roxanne yet again in Dick Durbin's Senate Challenger Contest.)

Culver and Loebsack, meanwhile, enjoyed the kinds of two to one wins Democrats see in real elections here. The rest of the Democratic ticket, including newcomers Jon Murphy and (most interesting with a rural crowd) Francis Thicke, also pulled similar margins.

Complete results:

US Senate
Roxanne Conlin, Democratic Party 260 54%
Chuck Grassley, Republican Party 187 39%
John Heiderscheit, Libertarian Party 15 3%
Jim Hennager, Peace Party 20 4%

US Representative, 2nd CD
Dave Loebsack, Democratic Party 306 63%
Mariannette Miller-Meeks, Republican Party 150 31%
Gary Sicard, Libertarian Party 15 3%
Jon Tack, Constitution Party 14 3%

Governor / Lieutenant Governor
Chet Culver/Patty Judge, Democratic Party 283 58%
Terry E. Branstad/Kim Reynolds, Republican Party 150 31%
Wendy Barth/David Grimesy, Green Party 29 6%
Eric Cooper/Nick Weltha, Libertarian Party 12 2%
Rick Phillips/Ted Hee, Constitution Party 9 2%
Jonathan Narcisse/Rick Marlar, nom. by petition 3 1%

Secretary of State
Michael A. Mauro, Democratic Party 285 59%
Matt Schultz, Republican Party 157 33%
Jake Porter, Libertarian Party 37 8%

Auditor of State
Jon Murphy, Democratic Party 303 64%
David A. Vaudt, Republican Party 168 36%

Treasurer of State
Michael L. Fitzgerald, Democratic Party 319 67%
David D. Jamison, Republican Party 157 33%

Secretary of Agriculture
Francis Thicke, Democratic Party 283 61%
Bill Northey, Republican Party 184 39%

Attorney General
Tom Miller, Democratic Party 332 70%
Brenna Findley, Republican Party 141 30%

State Constitutional Amendment - Sales Tax use
Yes 247 60%
No 167 40%

State Constitutional Convention
Yes 150 36%
No 262 64%

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