Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Libertarian first to file

Libertarian Cooper first to file
Huser draws independent opponent

Libertarian candidate for governor Eric Cooper was the first third party candidate to file with the Secretary of State today.

Cooper and running mate Nick Weltha were the only Libertarians to file. The party is also looking at the US Senate race, Secretary of State, two congressional races and scattered legislative seats (including two in Johnson County).

Cooper has said his goal is the 2% of the vote that would elevate the Libertarians from third party "organization" status to full party status equal to the Democrats and Republicans. Governor is the one and only office this year that can earn party status for the LP. (In presidential years, it's president.) He also hopes to move small government issues onto the front burner.

The only other candidate to file on Day 2 - unusually, no one earned the bragging rights on Day 1 yesterday - was horse boarder Dan Nieland of Altoona, running as an independent ("nominated by petition" is the official nomenclature) in House District 42. The incumbent is conservaDem Geri Huser (whose loyalty has been questioned in recent weeks). Republican Kim Pearson is also in the race, but was scuttled by the Iowa Business and Industry association, which endorsed Huser. Huser also got one of the few Democratic donations from Iowans for Tax Relief, much to Steve Deace's dismay today.

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