Sunday, July 18, 2010

Smallest Farm Sunday

Smallest Farm Sunday


Major milestone on the Smallest Farm this week, as the first red tomato appears in the north garden. I'm felling lucky about that, too, as some kind of wilt has knocked out three plants, and the usual late-season brown crud is appearing early. I'm thinking it's a product of the over-wet weather. The healthe parts of the plant are now beyond head high.

Oddly, the icky stuff is only on the plants I made an effort to plant. The volunteers all look healthy. But they're all doing better than the cucumbers, most of which have dried up and died the last couple weeks.


The real farmers are saying the sweet corn is at about half of a normal year but I seem to be doing OK. Almost all the plants have tasseled, and the first ears are starting to appear.


Over in Pepperland, my small hot pepper patch near the house, I'm starting to pick jalapenos. The habenero plants are going more slowly, but that's normal.

Long bean

The beans are plentify but here's one I haven't shown you before: an Asian style nicknamed "yard-long beans." They can get that big, but they taste better at 18 inches or so. Had some last night stirfroed with eggplant and zucchini.

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