Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday's Truths

Three Truths for Thursday

  • E.J. Dionne: "The wealthy in the United States -- the people who have made almost all the income gains in recent years -- are undertaxed compared with everyone else. "

  • Marc Ambinder among many others:
    The Democratic strategy in a nutshell is small enough to fit in one but has the protein of a good, tasty nut. The Republicans want to be mayors of crazy-town. They've embraced a fringe and proto-racist isolationist and ignorant conservative populism that has no solutions for fixing anything and the collective intelligence of a wine flask. This IS offensive and over the top, and the more Democrats repeat it, and the more dumb things some Republican candidates do, the more generally conservative voters who might be thinking of sending a message to Democrats by voting for a Republican will be reminded that the replacement party is even more loony than the party that can't tie its shoes.
  • But actually, we can tie our shoes - NYTimes: "Like a mantra, officials from both the Bush and Obama administrations have trumpeted how the government’s sweeping interventions to prop up the economy since 2008 helped avert a second Depression.

    Now, two leading economists wielding complex quantitative models say that assertion can be empirically proved..."
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