Friday, July 23, 2010

Way Too Soon For Doom And Gloom

Way Too Soon For Doom And Gloom

Here's a thought for the naysayers predicting death and demise for Dems. Rachel Maddow was chitchatting last night about the ongoing feud between MSNBC and Bill O'Reilly, and noted that O'Reilly bragged about his higher ratings:
“Here Mr. O’Reilly has a point. You and Fox get great ratings. It is so awesome how great your ratings are. Here’s the score card from last night. It is in TV ratings speak, but I think it will be clear enough. Here’s Mr. O’Reilly that 757 would be him at 8:00, and that 245 would be me at 9:00, different hour, but you know same point, and don’t tell Susan’s mom whose actually pretty sensitive about these kinds of things, but we’re actually outrated by all kinds of shows. “Deadliest Catch,” that’s about fishing.

We get killed by a show called “The Closer” about which I know nothing about except it kills us in the ratings, and we get smaller ratings than WWE Wrestling… Of course, all of those shows also kill Mr. O’Reilly’s show in the ratings as well as everything else on Fox, as do Sponge Bob, reruns of NCIS, and Hannah Montana Forever, which is totally understandable. They are all more watched than The O’Reilly Factor, which is totally irrelevant.”
The universe of people tuned into politics is small. And the universe of people tuned into politics 100 days before a midterm election, even though it includes everyone I know except my kids, and even though it includes you reading a political blog, is really, really small.

Which means it's really, really early.

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