Friday, September 17, 2010

Alaskapocalypse in Des Moines


It's the Alaskapocalypse in Des Moines tonight as She Who Must Not Be Named comes to town. Apparantly the visit is Lear Jet in, read the speech from the teleprompter, Lear Jet out, with no meetings and certainly no Q and A with the press. Yeah... but I'll probably watch on C-SPAN anyway, like a bad reality show that you feel half unclean for watching but you're glued like a train wreck.

Hopefully, for the sake of the paying customers, she gives a more articulate speech than the clip below, where both Palin and Bill-O forget the name of the candidate they supported in the New Hampshire Senate primary:

Not even a "In what respect, Bill?". For the record, the forgotted (I meant to type "forgotten" but if Sarah can make up words so can I) Some Dude is Ovide Lamontagne. Bonus: Bill-O says he won the primary; he lost.

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