Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vote Suppression in Wisconsin

Vote Suppression in Wisconsin

News here and here about a big vote suppression effort in our neighbor to the northeast:
"Based on what we have heard, the Republican Party of Wisconsin, the Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin and leading Tea Party organizations are in collusion in an effort to suppress the ability of minorities and university students in Wisconsin to exercise their right to vote this November," said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. "We will be providing all of the evidence we have received on this wrongdoing to federal and state authorities so that they can investigate to ensure justice and democracy prevail."
I would expect Madison to be ground zero on this. The scary scary part: "The Tea Party organizations will recruit and place individuals as official poll workers in selected municipalities in order to be able to make the challenges as official poll workers."

Once again, the theme, and not just in our Secretary of State race: Democrats want to help people vote, Republicans want to keep people from voting.

But Republicans don't offer anyone to vote for: Coralville Courier grumbles about the uncontested Johnson County supervisor race with no word on what happened to GOP candidates Chad Murphy and January also-ran Lori Cardella, who closed their campaign committees in August. Instead he only offers the lame "write in None Of The Above" suggestion.

Local coverage of Lady Gaga's Maine rally yesterday calling for an end to Don't Ask Don't Tell. There's a real mind behind the outrageous image, and 6.4 million Twitter followers can't be all wrong...

Finally, this one from the Wish I'd Thought Of It First files is too good not to share:
Galvanized by Republican senatorial nominee Christine O’Donnell’s anti-masturbation stance, masturbators from across the state converged on Wilmington today in what some are calling the largest pro-wanking protest in American history.

Harley Farger, a leading Delaware masturbator and planner of the Million Masturbators March, said it was difficult to organize masturbators “because they’re used to acting alone.”

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