Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sue Dvorsky Re-elected

Sue Dvorsky Re-elected

Iowa Dems make the smart move of sticking with Sue Dvorsky as state party chair for the next two years. That's two Dvorskys re-elected in a month, what with husband Senator Bob winning another term.

Sue Dvorsky came on to chair the IDP relatively late in the 2010 cycle--post-candidate recruitment and post-primary. It was a crappy year for Dems, no doubt. But Dvorsky did her best with the cards she had, and the party's field program won national praise:
"The Three Iowa judges who ruled that same-sex marriage was legal were all roundly defeated, thanks to a blizzard of ads and heavily conservative turnout. But every vulnerable Democratic member of Congress was re-elected, thanks to a stellar, caucus-honed Democratic ground game. Once again, Iowa is an exception. "
With Terrace Hill now in Republican hands, Dvorsky takes on a more prominent role as party leader and spokesperson. And there's a lot going on in 2011: sometime this spring the congressional and legislative map gets reshuffled, which will mean tough decisions and more candidate recruitment than usual. And though the action is mostly on the Republican side, there's the perennial fight to keep the caucuses first, which will require swift and decisive moves.

And fair notice to any would-be primary challengers: the Dvorskys were among the earliest and most enthusiatic Obama supporters in 2007.

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