Thursday, March 03, 2011

Johnson County Dems Elect Officers

Johnson County Dems Elect Dahms Chair

Hello from the IC school district building. It's 7:00 and time for the election of the Johnson County Democratic Party's officers. This slate will run the show through the 2012 caucus cycle and presidential election.

Incumbent chair Dennis Roseman is stepping down; Terry Dahms is the only announced candidate that I know of. As for me I've taken the anti-Sherman statement: if nominated I will run, if elected I will serve.

The election will be followed by the "off-year caucus," which party rules require but basically means passing some resolutions.

Sarge At Arms Tom Larkin starts the show and electing the new chair is item one. I take that back; rules are item one, THEN the chair.

While we read the rules, we have some electeds on hand: supervisors Sullivan Neuzil and Harney.

Rules approved.

24 voting members on hand as of 7:08; time to elect.

Peter Hansen nominates Dahms. No other nominations. Unanimous. Larkin hands the gavel over.

Dahms starts by thanking the Rosemans (Robin Roseman holds over as platform chair because that's elected at convention)

Mike Carberry nominated for first vice chair (no "Co" like the GOP). Acclimation again. That's traditionally the GOTV job.

Meredith Place nominated for 2nd Vice Chair. She was a staffer in the `10 cycle and a recent ex-UDems chair. Once again, party unity. 2nd Vice Chair is historically the event-parade job.

Treasurer: Gina Schatteman nominated. She was treasurer in the `08 cycle, then left town for work-related research for a year or so. Acclimation.

Secretary: Carl Fongheiser is our first re-elect of the night. Sue Bruell named permanent acting secretary.

Candidate Development: goes vacant for the moment. (If anything, we tend to have surplus candidates.)

Data management: I'm re-elected.

Fundraising: Liz Etchells re-elected.

Membership chair: Lori Bears elected. Not using any ballots so far.

Public Relations: Karen Disbrow by acclimation.

So that's the slate of officers as of 7:25. We shift into the brief official central committee meeting.

May 7 Hall of Fame dinner planned; guests of honor are Dick and Doris Myers, Ralph and Arlene Neuzil, and Jae Retz and Roberta Till-Retz.

Joe Nehring calls our attention to anti-labor bills in IA Legislature; public hearing in Des Moines Monday 6 PM.

Jean Lloyd-Jones is hosting a $raiser for Dave Loebsack at her home 2-4 PM Sunday March 13.

Matt Beltrami from OFA steps up for The Prez with "Promises Kept" packets.

Carberry talks energy rates and nukes in the legislature.

Ed Flaherty makes his annual announcement of the anniversary of the Iraq War. 11:00 March 19 the walk starts at the Courthouse. (St. Joseph's Day for the Bohemies in the house) Hopefully the last one. But I think I said that last year.

Meeting transitions to caucus at 8:27.

Ed Flaherty offers end war in Afghanistan resolution based on last week's DNC resolution. Passes with no dissent.

Joe Nehring supports collective bargaining for all public sector workers. Party Unity once again.

Nancy Porter wants to add a platform clause on education "provided by the public education system." We decide it goes better as a free standing resolution. It passes, then we struggle with how to say Private Education Is Good Too but can't pull it off. So we give up and adjourn at 8:56. Thus the Dahms Administration begins.

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