Friday, April 22, 2011

Rumors Going Public

Rumors Going Public

Items that have been buzzing in the local political community are now surfacing in public, starting with Rick Dobyns' announcement for city council. The only real question there was which seat; the doc settles on District A where Ross Wilburn is stepping down.

Back to my obsessive compulsive redistricting coverage, the Gazette's James Lynch:
The legislative map created another open district, House 77, in western Johnson County. Supervisor Sally Stutsman, a Democrat, is said to be considering a campaign there.
Lynch also notes Betty DeBoef says she won't run in a primary against Jarad Klein. Implication seems to a move, probably into empty House 80, which has a dead-even partisan split and includes Monroe County, home to the Judge family. Also covered: the Roger Thomas-Andrew Wenthe pair.

Lots of quotes but no major moves in this Waterloo Courier article.

And this one from two weeks ago just showed up in the search engines so ignore all the "if" references: Jerry Behn and Ralph Watts discussing Dallas County.

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