Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Sweeney-Grassley Problem

The Sweeney-Grassley Problem

Kevin Hall at TheIowaRepublican:
I’m hearing the first set of redistricting plans is likely to pass, despite pitting several incumbent Republicans against each other. I would be stunned if there is a Latham vs. King primary. Most of the matchups will work themselves out, through retirements, moves, or rock, paper, scissors. The most difficult one? Annette Sweeney vs. Pat Grassley in the House. In the Senate, I’m curious to see what happens between Jim Seymour and Nancy Boettger. All great people and great legislators (sic). It would be a shame to lose any of them (sic).
Bleeding Heartland has more on last night's Council Bluffs hearing. Note: "We want to be in Steve King's (or whoever's) district" is EXACTLY the kind of thing the Iowa process is designed to NOT consider.

A new catch from Saturday's Muscatine legislative forum: Senator Jim Hahn is a no vote. Is it because he gets paired with fellow Republican Shawn Hamerlinck (Davenport), or because he loses his piece of Johnson County? I'm thinking Jim luuuuuuvs the People's Republic and just hates losing the Scott Boulevard trailer courts. [/snark]

More local roundups: Independence, Toledo, Knoxville, Boone and Estherville.

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