Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vilsack vs. King?

Vilsack vs. King?

That's been in the rumor mills, but now hits the national political sites. Rothenberg:
Former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack (D) is likely to take on Cong. Steve King (R) in Iowa’s new 4th Congressional District, according to a Democratic source in the Hawkeye State. Vilsack, however, has not yet made a final decision.
Swing State Project says new 4 is winnable in a good year:
It's now a district that Obama lost by only 48-50, and even John "Who Among Us Does Not Love NASCAR?" Kerry held down 44% under these lines. In short, that's still tough terrain for a Democrat, but it's significantly more fertile than before; with King's penchant for letting his freak flag fly and a credible opponent working against him, this could be an interesting race.
But as one of my commenters noted in an earlier piece: "Think of all the ActBlue and netroots money pouring in to be used against Steve King, only to see him win yet another term with close to 60% of the vote."

My bet here is Vilsack has been offered something more tangible and winnable for the 2014 cycle as a Plan B.

Also worth mentions:

State Rep. Janet Peterson (D-Des Moines) landed in a very blue empty state senate district 18 and will make that move, opening up a very blue House seat.

The Denison Bulletin-Review talks to Senator James Seymour, who is paired with fellow GOPer Nancy Boettger. Seymour says he'll run again and the implication seems to be primary; I'm still betting he gets talked into backing off. Boettger said on Map Release Day she won't move, and lives on a family farm.

In Council Bluffs, naysaying reps Brandenburg and Hanusa argue that their votes were about the Polk-PottCo congressional map, and NOT about the two of them getting paired.

Stay tuned to this blog: I'm planning much more analysis of the new House and Senate districts in a series to be announced soon.

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