Thursday, June 30, 2011

Payday Planets Align on 1st of tha Month

Payday Planets Align on 1st of tha Month

An update of an oldie but a goodie from the last time this happened: Several of Iowa City's larger employers -- the county, the city, the non-University parts of state government, ACT, and HyVee -- pay their employees every two weeks on a Friday. The biggest by far employer, the University, pays its employees on the first of the month.

About every 14 months or so, on average, those paydays align, and everybody gets paid on the 1st of Tha Month:

The next alignment of the local payday planets is on June 1, 2012, which points out another calendar quirk. It's Fiscal New Year's Day tomorrow, too, as the city and county start Fiscal Year 2012. 26 payrolls times 14 days in a two week pay period is 364, less than a year. That means 27 paydays fall in the fiscal year rather than 26, as payday 27 lands on June 29, 2012, the last business day of the fiscal year. Budgets have been adjusted accordingly.

Speaking of alignments of planets, there's a eclipse of the sun tomorrow, too, but it's about as barely an eclipse in as obscure a place as you can get.

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