Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Vander Plaats, Hurley to unveil presidential pledge Thursday

Get out your litmus paper, we have a test

Bob Vander Plaats, who as you recall from the will he or won't he independent filing period last year is a better tease than Gypsy Rose Lee, has us waiting in antici - SAY IT! - pation again for tomorrow's news conference. He and Chuck Hurley are unveiling a "Higher Standard for Candidates" presidential pledge. In a Deeth Blog exclusive I have some sample items:
2. I pledge to feed my staffers nothing but Pizza Ranch Pizza. (Which would be a problem for Herman Cain except he just lost his staff.)
3. I pledge to visit the state in the spring of 2014 to help Bob with his primary for governor against Kim Reynolds and Bill Dix.
4. I commit my online supporters to a Google-bomb effort to change the top search engine result for santorum.
5. I wasn't tapping my foot, officer, I just have a wide stance.
While we wait for the rest of the Ten Commandments, here's the actual famIly leader (capItalIze the I, It's all about BOB) release.
We don't normally send out three emails within an 18-hour period and we apologize for filling up your inbox.

However, The FAMiLY LEADER believes it is important to let you know you are invited to join us at a press conference tomorrow, Thursday, July 7th, to unveil an important presidential candidate pledge document.

Chuck Hurley and I will be on the West steps of the Iowa State Capitol Building tomorrow at 11:00 AM to reveal the subject matter of this presidential candidate pledge document.

This document is designed to be signed by each presidential candidate. The signing of the pledge will be a requirement for future endorsement by The FAMiLY LEADER.

The purpose of the pledge is to have on record the personal conviction of each
presidential candidate as well as provide an opportunity for Iowans to further vet each candidate.

If you are able, please join us on the West steps of the Iowa State Capitol Building tomorrow, Thursday, July 7th at 11:00 AM!

Remember folks: red litmus paper is for your base. Blue is for acid. Read whatever political implications you will into that.

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