Monday, July 18, 2011

Greenwood Announces in House 60

Greenwood Announces in House 60

Bob Greenwood of the Waterloo city council is hoping to make Republican Walt Rogers a one term wonder. Democrat Greenwood just announced in House District 60.

Rogers hasn't announced his own plans yet, though he did have an announcement today, endorsing... Rick Santorum?!? The district changes little and has a GOP registration edge of 838 (April) and in practice has been a swing seat. But Rogers ran first for the Senate in 2008, losing to Jeff Danielson by by a recount-close 22 vote margin. He then came back in 2010 to knock off Six Pack Democrat Doris Kelley.

GReenwood knocked off an incumbent once before, in 2001 to win his council seat. He's mid-term this year so the timing is unrelated to city filing, which is later this fall.

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