Thursday, August 11, 2011

Debate livetweets

I inadvertently livetweeted the whole debate:

Why is Mitt taking a shot at Ron Paul? What possible gain?

Newt: I used to be someone important

TPaw gets better of Mitt's lawn

Who will try to top Santorum by actually proposing negative taxes?

Bachmann seething with not liking TPaw, feeling seems mutual

MB doubles down on TPaw=Obama

That Herman Cain alliance oughta net Mitt 1 or 2%, but please go back to the all Bachmann-TPaw format

Wallace: Your campaign sucks. Newt: You suck.

Huntsman: Where am I? Idaho? Ohio?

Wallace: Are you an idiot? Cain: In what respect, Charlie?

Cain: I have learned more, and i should have this down in 8 years

Huntsman proposes Great Border Wall of China

Cain: My statements are a joke. Deeth: I'm with ya there.

Cain: America as gated community?

Newt, who calls Obama "food stamp president," bashes Obama for making attacks

Ron Paul seems to have loudest claque

Fox: You raised taxes. Mitt: I don't believe in raising taxes and didn't raise taxes, and it doesn't count because it's Massachusetts

TPaw: It doesn't count because it's Minnesota

Bachmann: It doesn't count because it's Minnesota

Yay, another TPaw Bachmann fight! what if the fetuses were smoking untaxed cigarettes?

TPaw looking defensive, gets all double negative. (Legislators can be "Pure" executive have to govern)

Santorum: I'm still here

All hands go up for Grover Norquist.

Newt: I used to be important

TPaw gets a do-over on Obamneycare. Mitt's face: why is this guy on my stage?

The do-over is still too nice, Mitt makes a joke of it and goes Tenther. And it doesn't count because it's Massachusetts

Ron Paul backed into a corner of free market vs state's rights, gets applause from claque anyway

Santorum getting noticably desperate for time, says Jeezus trumps 10th

No one on stage is as comic relief crazy as Mike Gravel. Or Am I just so numbed by the hard right drift that it doesn't SEEM as crazy?

Most embarrassing potty break of Bachmann's life


Huntsman: Yup, still here.

And of course the Palin Question goes to Bachmann

Newt: Rudy Giuliani used to be someone important

Praising the troops gets TPaw an easy applause line

Wonder what neo-Con(federate) Rick Parry will say about "wars of independence for another nation"? Yee-haw. perhaps?

Newt thinks debate is against moderators

Huntsman just itching for a DOS attack from Anonymous

Where's Herman: off making a delivery? I said extra cheese!

TPaw has this down: gets applause first for Troops Good, now for Israel Good. Soon to come out in favor of baseball

Santorum vs. Ron Paul: that's an interesting fight... wish they had let it go on.

Cain: what I really meant was

Fox makes a Ron Paul drug joke. Should have invited Gary Johnson

Did *Rick Santorum* just say "tramples the rights of gays"?!? Oh, just in Iran.

Ron Paul is in the same party as these folks?!?

Newt: Godwins Law Fail

Cain: What I really meant was

Bachmann should have prepped a better answer for "submissive" question. Could have homered, gets a single

Mitt tries to talk about gay marriage without saying anything. Runs out of stuff to say and has to commit.

Huntsman takes high road on civil unions, loses votes

Santorum probably jumping up and down: Me next! Me Next!

I haven't heard Ron Paul say GOLD all night

Santorum really working for that BVP endorsement

Mitt: If I say enough, it buries my answer

Huntsman: 中國哲學書電子化計劃

Morrie Taylor was much more entertaining than Herman Cain

Newt tries to ride Paul's Sound Money train

SANTORUM gets the gold question? Paul: Me next! Me Next!

Santorum calls Paul "mostly wrong"

in honor of debate I'm drinking tea

Huntsman: Repeal No Child Left behind. Applause from 2007 Democrats

Closing statements: Santorum namechecks Grassley, complains about time

Paul: GOLD! Drink!

Bachmann: ONE... TERM... PRESIDENT!

All candidates come out in favor of I Love America. SO there's room on the other side of that issue

Most candidates shake hands with crowd, Paul and Santorum continue debating each other

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