Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Day, More Districts

Another Day, More Districts

Amidst the school election, a couple candidate announcements filtered up to the statewide media level yesterday:

  • Republican Mark Dix of Brooklyn (Flag City USA and Bruce Braley's home town) announced in no incumbent House District 76. That's all of Poweshiek COunty and most of Iowa County. Dems have recruited Grinnell city council member Rachel Bly and like their chances in a very closely divided district (registration edge D+217 on Map Day).

  • Cara Kennedy-Ode officially joins a a sure to be crowded primary field in heavily Democratic House District 36. Incumbent Janet Petersen is going for a empty and friendly Senate seat.

    The Democratic nomination will be decisive here; only question is whether that's decided in the primary or, if no one gets 35 percent, at a party convention. Something to think about if you're considering Ed Fallon's advice to go to the GOP caucuses, since the central committee members and party delegates who decide such things are chosen on caucus night.
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