Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Clips

Friday Clips

Yesterday was city election filing deadline in most Iowa cities (except the handful that have primaries like Iowa City and University Heights). Check back later for a Johnson County roundup; Gazette has the Cedar Rapids field.

Missed last night's GOP debate, so for me the big news was Thaddeus McCotter dropping out. Did anybody other than Chris Rants even know he was in? In any case the Thad has endorsed the Mitt, which should add about 0.01% to Romney's polls.

This one never made sense. I mean, Bachmann makes a sort of sense; she's a junior House member but a high profile one with strong fund raising skills. McCotter is an obscure back bencher and though he's clearly a bright guy, he has an odd speaking style. Oh, well. Back to Michigan.

Cross a name off the Democratic 2016 watch: as soon as Rahm Emanuel was anounced as the Iowa Jefferson-Jackson keynoter, the press corp started hearing Hail To The Chief. This prompted a very firm denial:
“No, never, not. Not interested,” Emanuel said.

“I’ve done two trips already at the request of the . . . president’s re-election campaign. They’ve asked me to be a surrogate. I’ll do it. [But] I’m not interested [in running for president]. I love this job. I love the people of the city of Chicago. I love working on behalf of the taxpayers. Not interested.”

Not even in 2016?

“[Not] even if you did that dance step you just did,” the mayor told an overzealous TV reporter. “I’m NOT” interested.
The ellipsis and brackets are in very interesting places. I'm guessing these quotes are the Family Newspaper version of what the notoriously profane mayor actually said.

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