Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Guest Post: Palin as Land Shark

Guest Post: Palin as Land Shark

Two posts about Sara(h)s this morning, and one from a guest.

I manages to ignore the past weeken'd Palinmania, but Koni Steele (an excellent writer and I'd say that even if we weren't married) was tuned and had these thoughts on Palin and the big picture in general:
I'm angry that pols in Washington care more about the votes from rich people than the votes from Senior citizens... instead we're the kind of county that is scaring our seniors literally to death.

They're COBRAing out their private insurance and fooling themselves that they are getting excellent treatment, and they're not. The dirty little secret is that doctors trim their time and labs and tests whenever they see or think they see a patient who is on Medicaid or Medicare. It's like having a black mark on your insurance company records.

And if anyone thinks the re-election of Obama is a shoo-in, you're delusional. Palin is ready for anything, we all need to be too. She sees it, she's got advisors, she's like a shark that will come up on the beach and eat roadkill politically.

Everyone around me is very intelligent about politics. They are waiting to rip Palin apart and they believe they can stop her. For everyone else, Palin believes in the Rapture/End of Days, and her group believes it will happen in our lifetime.

I've got kids, I cannot and will not prepare them to be ready to die by the signs of end of days in the Bible, which by the way was not written by God but for God, by imperfect people, be prepared to vote to stop her, so you can look your kids in the eyes and tell them everything will be OK.

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