Thursday, September 08, 2011

School Endorsement Roundup

School Board Endorsement Roundup

Still looking for clues in that ten candidate, five seat, two separate contest Iowa City School Board election? It's endorsement season and the Press-Citizen opinion page is packed with letters.

The paper's own nod
goes to Marla Swesey, Jeff McGinness, Sally Hoelscher and Bob Porter, with Karla Cook for the two-year term.

The Iowa City Federation of Labor weighs in for Jim Tate, Patti Fields, Jeff McGinness and Robert Porter (no nod for the two-year) and for good measure Jeremiah Sinnwell in Solon.

Also on the labor front, the Iowa City Education Association endorses Marla Swesey, Patti Fields, Bob Porter and Phil Hemingway for the four-year seats and Karla Cook for the two-year seat.

State Rep. Mary Mascher is supporting Fields and Swesey.

So none of that clears things up much... except that Jeff Alden appears to be an odd man out.

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