Thursday, October 06, 2011

October Johnson County Democrats

October Johnson County Democrats

Mayor Matt Hayek starts the show asking for our support and reciting his Democratic Party bona fides.

Assorted news: HQ is open at 321 E. Market St.

The big event of the year, the BBQ, is Saturday from 4 to 7 at the fairgrounds. Asking $25 a ticket. Speeches start 4:45 or so with Dave Loebsack, Sue Dvorsky and the locals. November 19 is the Jefferson-Jackson in Des Moines with mayor Rahm f^&%in' Emanuel.

We talk caucuses but don't have any real answers.

Electeds on hand: Bolkcom, Dvorsky, Mascher, Lensing, Jacoby, Neuzil, Sullivan. The senators talk Battle of Marion. Many many volunteer opportunities.

Occupy Wall Street moves to Iowa City: College Green Park starting 6:00 PM tomorrow.

Mascher on Branstad education plan: "There are some positive things, some things that are doable, but the bottom line is it's an attempt to gut collective bargaining and termination rights for teachers."

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