Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Scenarios Narrow

Nevada Won't Share SC Date

You know, if the Deeth Blog weren't in Day 8 of Hacked Mode and unable to do anything except post, I'd just redirect this site's traffic to Frontloading HQ. Via the Las Vegas Review-Journal:
The Nevada GOP will hold its presidential caucuses before Jan. 21, the date South Carolina picked Monday to conduct its primary, according to the head of the Nevada Republican Party.

But the actual date of the Silver State's caucuses remained up in the air as Nevada and New Hampshire tried to work out an early voting calendar that might satisfy both states' needs.

It's possible that New Hampshire could decide to vote on a day other than Tuesday to maintain a week's space between the two states or that Nevada could caucus on a day other than Saturday to achieve the same result.

GOP Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian said Nevada doesn't want to compete with South Carolina for attention from the candidates, who had to choose between the two states the last time around.
Refersher: NV and SC were co-located on Saturday 1/19/08

Frontloading HQ: "If the (Nevada Republican) party sticks to its resolution to hold caucuses on the Saturday after New Hampshire, there are only two options left that are actually on the 2012 calendar: January 7 and 14."

Which sticks us on January 2 or 3.

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