Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Election Day

As usual I have my Election Day obligations so don't expect much till very late. Don't expect much on Battle of Marion either; I'll be covering the Johnson County local beat.

During the day watch the turnout. Also mid-day check the early voting numbers. Through end of yesterday there were 951 mailed ballots not back; vast majority of them from student precincts in Iowa City. Raj Patel's chances depend largely on that 951 number getting smaller.

If you still have a ballot DO NOT MAIL IT. Bring it to the auditor's office. If you lost it, go to the polls and vote a provisional. Polls open till 8.

Looking ahead: Tomorrow the U is hosting a two day conference on "Conflict and Civility in Political Discourse: Where Is the Line?" at the Sheraton. All sessions are free and open to the public. It's a largely distinguished panel* of academics, politicos and journalists, including a Wednesday night keynote from Jim Leach and a Thursday morning address from some former political science prof named Loebsack. If you look up "civility in political discourse" in the dictionary there's a picture of those two guys from 2006.

The * in "largely distinguished panel" is for the 10:45 Wednesday discussion on Social media and political discourse which includes... me. I've been revisiting the early September flame war with CCI in preparation. I promise to be very civil and if you don't like what I say, well, bite me.


Ninjagrrl said...

I have been around and around trying to find a sample ballot for today's election. My daughter is voting for the first time and I would like to have some information for her, could they make it any harder? I live in Wright County or as I have come to know it, the CAVE. No news out, no news in. I have searched all morning long, went to the state website and followed the SAMPLE BALLOT LINK. nothing. nada. zip. goose egg. Really Iowa?

Ninjagrrl said...

What language does one have to speak or what rock do I look under to find a sample ballot for my 18 year old who is voting for the first time in her life. 3 hours now searching on the state websites. I live in Wright County, apparently a barracaded cave has nothing on this place, I can't find a thing. I navigated to sample ballots: http://elections.mytimetovote.com/iowa.html and nothing. Really Iowa?

John said...

That's up to each county to get that done. Johnson County's are here http://www.johnson-county.com/auditor/voter/1111sample.htm