Friday, November 04, 2011

It Gets Weirder In Altoona

Bye Bye Betty

Kevin Hall speculates that Kim Pearson... recruited her own primary challenger?

Other Iowa House Republican news:

Rep. Betty De Boef blinks on a redistricting pair-up and announces she will NOT seek re-election. De Boef was one of the few veterans passed over for committee chairs when the GOP took over in January, and aligned herself with the Krazy Caucus of freshmen Pearson, Massie and Shaw and fellow veteran Dwayne Alons. There were rumors she might move and make a Senate run; De Boef moved in 2001 during her first term to get out of a pairup. De Boef's retirement cedes Washington-Keokuk based House 78 to freshman Jarad Klein.

Mark "No Relation" Dix is dropping out in Grinnell-based House 76: "Avoiding a primary will maintain party unity and conserve vital resources." No name on the other GOP candidate is business owner David Maxwell; Dem Rachel Bly is in.

And Quentin Stanerson of Center Point jumps into open House 95 based in rural Linn and Mt, Vernon-Lisbon. That's home to Cindy Golding but not Liz Mathis; Lisbon Dem Nate Willems lives in the lines but is running for Senate.

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