Thursday, December 08, 2011

Rep. Chambers to Retire

The only chambers in the Capitol next year will be the House and Senate, as Representative Royd Chambers (R-Sheldon) is retiring.

Chambers got paired up in redistricting with fellow Republican and good friend Dan Huseman. I know little of GOP politics in northwest Iowa, so not realizing these guys room together during session, my first guess was a primary. My second guess was that Huseman, who missed most of the end of session after suffering a heart attack, would be the one to step down.

But with Chambers leaving, re-election looks easy for Huseman. New House 3 is basically Chambers' O'Brien County (population 14,398) and Huseman's Cherokee (12,072), with a few townships in eastern Sioux and Plymouth thrown in.

In 2008, when his district ran south to the Sioux City limits, Huseman was held to 58%. But he failed to draw an opponent in 2010, and with a GOP registration edge of over 6,000, this one won't be on any Democratic target lists. So the Chambers retirement is the most excitement we'll see here.

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