Monday, January 16, 2012

Deeth Blog Stirs From Slumber

Took most of the holiday weekend for my post-caucus data entry marathon, which gave me something to do while I watched pass after pass get dropped. So I should have more time for writing now, since I'm suddenly much less interested in the NFL post-season.

My dad, a retired coach and now an NFL owner, always used to tell the press this when asked the dumb sports reporter question, who's gonna win: "Well, if we play our best and they play their best, we'll win." (Reverse polarity as needed.) "But. If they play their best and we don't, they can win." Pretty much what happened yesterday.

Of course, Jon Huntsman thought Iowa was a bye week, and I have little to say about his drop out other than what I said before. The more important development of the weekend than Huntsman throwing his three supporters to Mitt is the alignment of so-cons behind the once unlikely figure of Rick Santorum. So, in the end, what the caucuses really did was pick Santorum over Newt, Bachmann and Perry as the Not Mitt...

...while Ron Paul as always did his own thing. One subject of post-caucus grumblings has been the cross-over vote. It's not howls of rage, but it's out there -- a twitter here, a comment there, aimed at the Paul campaign. A campaign for which I feel much less camaraderie than I did before this incident... and here's a good take on Ron Paul as false prophet for the working class. And we all know a working class hero is something to be.

Also in the party loyalty department, legendary Iowa journalist Chuck Offenburger is under some heat from his fellow Greene County Republicans for his support of Christie Vilsack. I can't do him justice, just go read it.

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