Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paul Beats Romney in New Hampshire

No, this isn't someone in Co-os County entering a 22 instead of a 2. Ron Paul finished ahead of Mitt... in the Democratic primary. As I noted yesterday, for some bizarre reason it's a New Hampshire tradition to write in the names of the other party's candidates. Paul's 2273 votes gives him 3.7% and second place in both primaries.

But this primary's main legacy may be the "I like being able to fire people" and "vulture capitalist" lines. Mitt's new nickname, via the Newt, is "King of Bain." Hey, Newt, Sting called asking for his royalty check. At least Weird Al has the artistic courtesy to give co-writer credits.

Question: what's worse for Mitt? The largely true charge that he's a head chopping job cutter -- or the counter-attack? The pushback from elements of the GOP that such a charge is "anti-capitalism" is probably even more damaging to the bigger Republican cause. Oh please, oh please...

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nanoscale00 said...

isn't "bizarre reason" what one normally calls a protest vote in an uncontested primary?

I see some mention of similar numbers for Clinton (96) and Bush (2004), but they didn't run away with their GEs, either. A protest vote in a GE is either voting for the "other" guy/third-party/write-in or simply not showing up.

I still don't understand why you insist on a 98.5% satisfaction rate.

It would be interesting to see if HRC beat Vermin, but all that is under "scatter."