Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today's Pet Theory

Hey, anyone heard from Stephen Bloom the last few days as the caucus counting crisis has hit the front page?

It's easy for us locals to forget, amidst the hurt feelings that were so intense that even Bloom's co-author on the Oxford Project basically disowned the guy, that this wasn't just bashing for the sake of bashing. There was a thesis here: that because Iowa is so culturally backward that we don't even have a kosher deli on every block, we don't deserve our first place in the nomination process.

And where is the temporary base he lobbed this grenade from? Michigan. And no one hates the Iowa Caucuses more than Michigan. Senator Carl Levin has made it his purpose in life to take the caucuses, and the New Hampshire primary, away. And Ann Arbor's even in the district of fellow caucus hater John Dingell.

There are few arguments stronger than a "your own guy says so" argument. Obviously, no one could have predicted the perfect storm of a dead-heat result, but that just makes it even petter from their perspective. You think maybe some of these Michigan pols maybe had a talk with the visitor who was from Iowa but not of Iowa?

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