Friday, February 10, 2012

Fourth Candidate in Senate 42 Dem Primary

A crowded field in Iowa's southeast corner just got more crowded, as a fourth Democrat joins the race to succeed the retiring Gene Fraise in Senate District 42.

Donna Amandus of Fort Madison is described as "Democratic activist" in the Keokuk Gate City article, which lists other c.v. data as:
She has led or worked on Lee County's reprecincting committee, the county's compensation board and Latino outreach at the Mexican Fiesta. She's also involved with planning and preparing for the county and district conventions coming to Fort Madison.
Both the Keokuk piece and the Burlington Hawkeye lead with gender:
Despite the fact that women make up the majority of Iowa’s population (1,435,515, or 49.1 of Iowans are male, according to the 2010 census), only seven women serve in Iowa’s 50-seat Senate.
Donna Amandus, 48, of Fort Madison hopes to make it eight...
The vote for the woman vote is significant in some places, like here in Iowa City. But more significant may be the fact that Amandus is the third Fort Madison candidate in the field, joining Mayor Steve Ireland and electrician and party activist Bob Morawitz. The fourth contender, Rich Taylor, is from Mt. Pleasant. With the Ft. Madison vote splitting three ways, someone from Keokuk is missing an opportunity...

Lee and Henry Counties are the bulk of this district, indeed were the old distrrict. The new turf adda a few rural Washington County townships.

The primary winner -- or, if no one gets 35%, the convention winner -- will likely face the only announced Republican, Lee County supervisor Larry Kruse, in November.

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