Friday, February 17, 2012

Reisetter to Challenge Danielson in Senate 30

Urbandale Council Member John Forbes in Open House 40

Senate Republicans have snagged a big name for one of their top targeted seats, as GOP rising star Matt Reisetter has announced against Democrat Jeff Danielson in Senate District 30.

Reisetter, who's been working for BVP over at the famIly leader, fell just 98 votes short of knocking off House Democrat Bob Kressig in the bad GOP cycle of 2006.

Danielson survived 2008 by a recount-close 22 votes over Walt Rogers, who went on to knock off Doris Kelley in a 2010 House race. The turf, which tilts just slightly Republican, doesn't change much. Two-thirds of the district is the complete city of Cedar Falls. Danielson's kept a high profile and plays up his firefighter day job, but the GOP's high-profile roll-out, and the 2008 margin, makes it look like this seat is high on the target list.

House Democrats had an announcement of their own this morning: Urbandale City Council member John Forbes, in open House District 40.

This seat, which shrinks entirely into the Polk County part of Urbandale, is where Scott Raecker is retiring. On paper it should favor the GOP, but of curse Forbes has proven himself able to win a city council race. The only announced Republican thus far is fitness club owner Mike Brown.

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