Friday, March 16, 2012

Final Filing

Well. looks like I was wrong. Joe Seng DID make the 2nd CD primary ballot after all. I've heard reports they were collecting sigs as late as last night; someone want to check them over closely?

What else we got here on the last day:

As expected, Republican Glen Massie did not file in House 26. Massie Joins his pal Kim Pearson in the One Term Club.

Republican Dan Rasmussen dropped the news last night that he is NOT running in House 64. The replacement Republican is Jim Givant of Oelwein, whose business is "Medical billing, revenue recovery and payment choices." Democrats are running Oelwein city council member Bruce Bearinger in this D-leaning seat.

Republican incumbent Chip Baltimore finally turned in his papers for House 47 He faces a rematch with the former legislator he beat by just 23 votes in 2010, Democrat Donovan Olson (who also filed today)

Another House Republican primary challenge, this one against Greg Forristall in House 22. He'll face Avoca city manager Clint Fitcher.

It looked like Republican Jake Chapman had a clear field in Dallas County based no incumbent Senate District 10. But at the tail end, Matthew Mardesen of Dallas Center made the ballot. He lost a race for Boone County sheriff in 2010.

Independence farmer Elliott Henderson is the Republican challenging Democratic incumbent Brian Schoenjahn in Senate District 32.

Adel Democrat Ken Herring, retired chief of the wildlife division of the DNR, filed in House District 19, and will oppose GOP incumbent Ralph Watts.

Retired football coach John Rose of Creston filed as a Democrat in House District 21 and will challenge GOP incumbent Jack Drake of Griswold.

In House District 35 Republican Terrance Williams, who I think is this clergyman, is challenging Democratic incumbent Ako Abdul-Samad.

Former Homeland Security officer Jeff Ibbotson apparently was interested in House District 36 months ago, but filed at the last minute. He's the third Republican to file in a very Democratic open seat.

Ankeny attorney Jacob Mason is the SIXTH Republican to file in TIWYDW. How does that NOT go to convention? The Dems finally have a candidate, too:Neal Tracy of Ankeny.

Clarke Davidson, a Ron Paul Republican Occupier, is challenging Democrat Jo Oldson in House District 41.

Democrat Mike McRae of Des Moines, who is either a Drake law student or recent grad, is challenging GOP incumbent Peter Cornie in House District 42.

Rural Ames Democrat Becky Perkovich joined the race in no-incumbent House District 48. Former senator Rich Olive had announced here but dropped out. Perkovich will face the man who beat Olive in 2010. Senator Rob Bacon is running for this House seat to get out of a pair-up with Bill Dix.

Manly Democrat -- that's his residence, not an assessment of his machismo --Eric Hungerford is running in House District 51 against Republican incumbent Joshua Byrnes.

Democrat Chris Wilson of Oskaloosa is challenging Republican freshman Guy Vander Linden in House District 79.

In House District 82, a name familiar to Iowa City folks: Jeff Shipley. The Campaign for Liberty activist and 2009 city council candidate is in a GOP primary with 2010 near-winner James Johnson. The primary winner faces Fairfield Democrat Curt Hanson.

Bettendorf Republican Linda Miller gets her first ever Democratic opponent in House District 94: attorney Maria Bribriesco.

A second Democrat in Council Bluffs' House District 16. Youth motivational speaker Heidi Guggisberg-Coners will face housing advocate Ron Pierce for the right to challenge GOP incumbent Mary Ann Hanusa.

A second Republican in no-incumbent House District 23. Raymond Chase of Glenwood will face off with Mark Costello of Imogene in a probably decisive primary.

Now it's a three-way Republican primary in open Senate District 6. Newly elected Carroll mayor Adam Schweers announced and filed today.

In the same neighborhood, Carroll Republican Barney Bornhoft filed in House District 12 against freshman Dan Muhlbauer, the only Democrat to gain a seat from the Republicans in 2010.

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