Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday's Clip Show

If individual mandate gets overturned? Time to go back and get single payer like we should have.

But we gotta win some elections first.

What else we got here:

  • Multiple reports on yesterday's Joe Seng nomination petition hearing, and the Iowa City council is sure to take offense:
    Part of this drama involves a handful of signatures collected at a bar called the Fibbin’ Fisherman Lounge in Corydon. The Ottumwa veterinarian who was in the establishment to get those signatures for Seng has said he had to buy “many rounds of drinks” to get people to sign those petitions.
    Team Seng's case seems to be, yeah we screwed up but put me on the ballot anyway.
    “On a strict interpretation of that (election) statute we would fail. We don’t think that statute should be strict interpretation,” (attorney) Wonio said.
    Decision expected today.

  • In Sioux City, the Woodbury GOP chair is backing tea partyish primary challenger Matthew Ung over freshman incumbent Ron Jorgensen in House District 6.

  • If political scientists wrote the news it would look like this:
    At the same time, Obama's job approval rating fell to 48 percent. This isn't really news, though. Studies have shown that the biggest factor in a president's rating is economic performance. Connecting the minute blip in the polls with Obama's reluctance to emote or alleged failure to send enough boom to the Gulf is, frankly, absurd.

    Democrats have also slipped in their standing among "independent voters." That phrase, by the way, is meaningless. Voters may self-identify as "independent" but in almost all cases they lean toward one party.
  • And as Newt Gingrich lays off staff but vows to go on to the convention, Jeff Greenfield offers the best assessment yet:
    Gingrich's view of his current position reminds me of neither Harding nor Willkie. Instead, he evokes the Black Knight of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" fame. As his limbs are progressively hacked off, the knight declares "'tis but a scratch!" Then: "a flesh wound!" And finally: "Alright, we'll call it a draw."
    This analogy makes Mitt King Arthur, and the Democrats these guys:

    Now go away or Obama shall taunt you a second time.
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