Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Dropout At Deadline

Today was the deadline for legislative/congressional candidates who filed for the June primary to drop out, and it looks like only one did.

The Secretary of State's office posted a fresh candidate list after 10 AM today, and the lone deleted name is Fairfield Republican Jeff Shipley in House District 82. That cedes the GOP nomination to James Johnson of Bloomfield, who'll face Fairfield Democrat Curt Hanson in November.

Johnson lost a very close race to Democrat Kurt Swaim in 2010. Swaim is retiring this year; he was paired up in redistricting with Hanson. As for Shipley, my local readers will remember his 2009 city council run here in Iowa City.

Still suffering some writer's exhaustion since the Friday night blogathon; I'm in the researching stage of figuring out just who all these Republican primary challengers are.

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