Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Clip Show

Thinking about changing the default Deeth live mode from liveblog to live tweet; even a presidential visit failed to significantly spike traffic, and I'm thinking real-time readers might rather follow multiple folks rather than just me.

I did break out a new tool at the Obama event: a used netbook I picked up. The high-end desktop replacement laptop is rather big for hauling around. The downside is that the netbook is running Windows 7 Starter. Even this dedicated Linux geek has to use Windows on occasion, but 7 Starter, designed for netbooks, is an odd sort of crippleware. I'm not big on visual bells and whistles, as they waste a lot of computing resources for a low-end machine, but how much oomph does it take to change the damn wallpaper?

The Johnson County Dems get together 7:00 tonight for our monthly meeting. This month's location is 110 Maclean Hall on campus, right on the Pentacrest. We've been wandering since late last year when the school district moved out of its downtown location where we'd been meeting for several years.

What else I got here... West Des Moines Patch has a nice profile of Senate candidate Desmund Adams.

How do you successfully gentrify the city bus? Iowa City's had the answer for years: everyone works in about a one mile radius of downtown and there's nowhere to park...

Two flashbacks to the 90s for me: yet another article on why that graduate degree ain't worth it...

...and standing in line at midnight at that place they used to call a "record store" when the Guns N' Roses albums came out. People had waited four whole years for that release, which seemed like a long time. For the record, it's now been four years since "Chinese Democracy", so Axl owes us another Dr Pepper.

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