Friday, August 17, 2012

District Of The Day 3: Iowa Senate District 16, Iowa House District 31 & 32

Senate District 16
Registration: D 14408, R 7171, N 8966, total 30586, D +7237
Incumbent: Dick Dearden, D-Des Moines

Dick Dearden moved from the House to the Senate in 1994, and keeps most of east Des Moines. The unusual feature of his race this year is opposition.

Republican Dave Edwards had his act together enough to file in time for the primary instead of scrambling at a last minute convention, but he still faces the third most Democratic Senate district on the ballot this year. He gets to be part of the Republican "running in every Senate seat" bragging point. And he's one more campaign working the percentages on tough turf and maybe helping the rest of his ticket.

July 19 Campaign Finance Report: Dearden for State Senate Committee, Dave Edwards for Iowa Senate The Dearden war chest is at $11,737.82, half of it raised in recent weeks. Edwards has $2,722.88 on hand.

House District 31
Registration: D 7280, R 4521, N 5014, total 16828, D +2759
Incumbent: Rick Olson, D-Des Moines, unopposed

Olson has been safe here since polling 30% in the six way primary, and winning the subsequent convention, when John Connors retired in 2004. The Democratic registration edge drops by 1400 voters, but this remains a safe district. Olson won with 63% against a late starting Republican in 2010.

July 19 Campaign Finance Report: Committee to Elect Rick Olson To House of Representatives

House District 32
Registration: D 7128, R 2650, N 3952, total 13758, D +4478
Incumbent: Ruth Ann Gaines, D-Des Moines

Gaines had to defer ambition for 16 years after losing the Senate primary to Dearden in 1994, but cleared the field in 2010 when Wayne Ford retired at the filing deadline. She easily beat a Republican Some Dude in November, and this year faces another one, Ron Paul supporter Joe Corbin.

Minor line changes slightly pad the safe Democratic margin in the number 8 most Democratic seat.

July 19 Campaign Finance Report: Ruth Ann Gaines for State Representative (Corbin did not raise enough to form a committee.)

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