Thursday, August 02, 2012

Filing Season Starts Slow

The fall filing season is off to a slow start, with just a handful of candidates turning in papers during the first four days.

Iowa's first Official presidential candidate is independent Jerry Litzel. Who? One Jerry Litzel of Ames, who appears to be this Some Dude and who seems to have recruited a family member, Jim Litzel, as a running mate. Even the incredibly comprehensive Politics1 has never heard of Litzel.

News to me: Independent Michael Garmoe apparently announced his candidacy several months ago in Senate District 42 in the bump on the lower right corner of Iowa. Garmoe joins Democrat Rich Taylor and Republican Larry Kruse on the ballot in the open seat long held by retiring Democrat Gene Fraise.

Mark Riley of Davenport won 38% in 2010 as the Republican nominee against Senator Doctor Joe Seng. This cycle Riley's goin' rogue as an independent against Democratic Rep. Cindy Winckler in House District 90. Republicans have scheduled a convention for August 9 in this heavily Democratic district.

In addition to the independents, some of the candidates nominated at party conventions have turned their paperwork in to Matt Schultz: Tim Tripp (D, Senate 40), Dan LeRette (R, House 33), Landslide John Landon (R, This Is Where Your District Went) and Ted Whisler (D, House 97).

Watch for these posts late afternoons and get ready for District Of The Day III, coming to theaters on filing deadline August 17. I may do this one in 3D.

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