Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Running A Full Day Behind

Holding a day job outside media is incompatible with keeping up with an info overload like a national convention. (Yeah, I know I said I hated them. That's different than saying I don't pay attention to them.) I probably missed the Most Important Thing but I did isolate a few items that deserve more attention:

It seems the NCAA's Department Of Pretending Things Didn't Happen was in charge of reading the roll call results yesterday. I'm not a Paul fan, but I did enjoy the Paulbots shouting the real results in unison when they were ignored from the podium, In other news, Gary Johnson is securely on the Iowa ballot. Just sayin'.

Craig Robinson has a must read on how Team Spiker's behavior led to party rule changes, while the Las Vegas Sun notes that the Paul forces ended their fight for the rules by... breaking the rules.

In our News Of The Weird department: The 10 oddest items in the GOP platform My favorite is "No minimum wage for the Mariana Islands."

Headline says it all: Romney Party Yacht Flies Cayman Islands Flag

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