Friday, September 07, 2012

Obamas and Bidens in Iowa City

Same live tweet format as last night, only this time with pix.

5h  ‏@johndeeth Kevin burt & rain both started at 3 #obamaic

5h  ‏@johndeeth Sound guy counts 6500 waiting in rain at #obamaic 2 hours to go. Tech issues, rain limit me to tweets

5h  ‏@johndeeth Crowd mainly college age as to be expected at #obamaic & looks set to wait it out

5h  ‏@johndeeth Having to choose between keeping gear dry or me dry. I won't short out so gear dry me wet #obamaic

5h  ‏@johndeeth Kevin burt did I can see clearly now earlier in set but the rain is gone NOT #obamaic

5h  ‏@johndeeth Kevin burt done back to prerecorded music at #obamaic

5h  ‏@johndeeth I thought sun came out but just TV lights #obamaic

4h  ‏@johndeeth Rain stopped at #obamaic

4h  ‏@johndeeth Formal program starting at #obamaic with prayer. Audio is echoey   

4h  ‏@johndeeth RT @presscitizen Air Force One approaching the Eastern Iowa Airport, according to @KCRG.

4h  ‏@johndeeth "in Jesus name we pray" standard at GOP events but unusual for Dems #diversity #obamaic

4h  ‏@johndeeth Sound was better for a capella national anthem. Now the staffer making the pitch #obamaic she says Obama spoke in same place in 2007

4h  ‏@johndeeth But it was actually on other side of building #nitpick #obamaic 

4h  ‏@johndeeth Staffer making early vote pitch, start 9/27 #obamaia

4h  ‏@johndeeth The national press never sees this part of events-or 3 hour waits in rain #obamaic aaaand more U2 #obama1992

4h  ‏@johndeeth And I FINALLY connect to press corps wifi #justintime #obamaic

4h @rjfoley Rep. Loebsack, in a tight re-election campaign, among the first to greet potus and flotus at airport

4h  ‏@johndeeth Anyone taking bets on the "surprise" stop? #obamaic

4h  ‏@johndeeth Bob & @suedvorsky made it back from Charlotte in time. I also see Bolkcom, Jacoby & Dick Myers in the good seats #obamaic

4h  ‏@johndeeth @bowdeecc Dem events usually more nondenominational; GOP events I always hear specific Jesus reference

4h  ‏@johndeeth @bowdeecc I guess that kills the Obama=Muslim theory #ohwaitnothingeverwill #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth Two story US flag as back frop. A little lower and he could do the Patton scene while bragging about bin Laden #obamaIC

@bowdeecc @johndeeth ya he couldn't get a aircraft carrier on AF1 

3h  ‏@johndeeth Sound guy sez @JoeBiden scheduled to speak2 minutes #hahahahahahaha #ObamaIC

3h  ‏@johndeeth Opening Acts needed to stretch moire, we're in a lull here #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth The Secret Service types on Jessup Hall roof looking north, watching for arrival and/or trouble #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth James Taylor on the playlist #ObamaCarter76 #ObamaIC

3h  ‏@johndeeth Crowd entertaining selves with wave. Press briefly thinks something big happening #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth Chant now Let's Go Hawks (I hear there's a football game or something tomorrow) #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth Now we get Fired Up Ready to Go. Not especially loud but that dynamic changes fast #obamaic

3h O@okdunn: My feet ache, my jacket is damp, but this view and the mood here is AWESOME. #ObamaBidenIA

3h  ‏@johndeeth CHOPPERS #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth Choppers circling Pentacrest, definitely not the UIHC flight pattern #obamaic

(I later learn these are the Sniper Intercept Squadron and just saying that is full of awesome)

3h  ‏@johndeeth Advance staffer is coaching the backdrop crowd seated behing the speakers #obamaic

3h  ‏@OFA_IA "I-O-W-A, @BarackObama all the way!" This crowd is fired up for #ObamaBidenIA! #OurFavoriteObamaChant

3h  ‏@johndeeth Now an I-O-W-A chant; I suggest Y-M-C-A instead. Hey, it's Iowa City. #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth The REAL imminent arrival sign: national press #obamaic

3h @PFSFoodGuy I think the motorcade was pulled over by a University Heights cop for speeding. They're strict. #ObamaIC

3h  ‏@johndeeth Done this more than my share of times, but this moment is always exciting. Worth the 4 hours. #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth National photogs going up on skyjacks #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth @JoeBiden in the house!

3h  ‏@johndeeth @JoeBiden shoutouts to Matt Hayek Jim Fausett, bragging up obama speech last night, prasing him in same manner as his own speech last nite

3h  ‏@johndeeth @JoeBiden at full roar. The single edit of the album length speech from last night

3h  ‏@johndeeth @BarackObama now live. Shoutouts to Tom Miller, Loebsack and Matt Hayek (he says it right this time)

3h  ‏@johndeeth @BarackObama calls POTUS42 "secretary of explainin stuff"

3h  ‏@johndeeth Always wondered how they determine who gets the shoutouts: mayors seem to outrank legislators #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth @JoeBiden actually kept it to two minutes. Wondering what they'll do wil Michelle, Jill with POTUS already speaking, never an opening act

3h  ‏@johndeeth @BarackObama also sounding like the short version of the convention speech

3h  ‏@johndeeth "Tax cuts to help you lose a few pounds & improve your love life" new punch line toGOP same one answer #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth He also adds the China reference he dropped from last night's speech #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth "It is going to take us more than a few years to fix challenges that have lasted decades" #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth "Dave Loebsack's already on the program" the presidential shoutout is a plus in Iowa City
3h  ‏@johndeeth "I need your voices" Crowd slow on uptake that's supposed to be applause line #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth @BarackObama s wind energy section a bit for us Iowans #obamaic "Unlike my oppt I won't let oil co's dictate energy policy"

3h ‏@markwcarlson No mention of Iowa Vs. Iowa State game from Biden. So far no mention from the President. #ObamaIC Must not be unaware of local chaos.

3h  ‏@johndeeth @markwcarlson smart enough not to take side, needs votes in Story County too

3h  ‏@johndeeth Only brief section on student loans, he devoted entire Iowa City speech to it thi spring #obamaic

3h  ‏@johndeeth "I love you back but don't interrupt me any more, I need to tell you the 4th thing" #obamaic Not an IC Obama speech without a Love Ya Back

3h  ‏@johndeeth I have yet to see the spouses, are they here for rope line and the "surprise" stop? #obamaic

2h  ‏@johndeeth Medicare lines get relatively small applause, this is a young crowd #obamaic Economy lines did much better

2h @grantyoung72 "Free beer" will also get you applause in Iowa City RT @ProfHagle: Not surprisingly, the "keep tuition low" line gets big applause. #obamaic

2h  ‏@johndeeth Veterans lines do well ad does bin Laden death. And we get our first "Don't Boo, Vote" #obamaic

2h  ‏@johndeeth "Time to do some nation building here at home" #obamaic

2h  ‏@johndeeth To clarify: the boos that prompted Don't Boo Vote were about Mitt foreign policy #obamaic

2h  ‏@johndeeth DREAM act and ending DADT get big big big applauce: welcome to Iowa City Mr President #obamaic

‏@AdamBSullivan @johndeeth I think you mean DREAM executive order. #obamaIC 

2h  ‏@johndeeth Choice reference gets loud and clearly more female cheer #obamaic

2h  ‏@johndeeth First part that's clearly different than last night: the details of registering and voting #obamaic

2h  ‏@johndeeth @BarackObama speech done, music resumes. Time for the rope line scrum at #obamaic

2h  ‏@johndeeth @MichelleObama and @JillBiden come out to wave and move on to rope line as new Springsteen plays "We Take Care Of Our Own"

2h  ‏@johndeeth I remember when Bruce used to tell presidents NOT to play his music, this sounds almost custom-written #obamaic

2h  ‏@johndeeth The Four pop back on stage for a goodbye wave after working the rope line for three songs, all of which seem to be Springsteen #obamaic

2h  ‏@johndeeth Crowd now rapidly dispersing #obamaic

2h  ‏@johndeeth Like I said, same speech as last night, but the point is seeing it live #obamaic

2h @johndeeth Thanks to all the law enforcement fire fighters & EMTs working OT and of course the Secret Service for keeping them safe

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Same speech, same lies, same intentional omissions.... Obama is going for the moron vote.