Tuesday, October 02, 2012

So Does This Make Obamacare Bad Medicine?

40something Democrats across eastern Iowa are thrilling to the news that THE Jon Bon Jovi is playing a (likely brief) acoustic set Friday afternoon on campus as part of a Obama vote early rally. The, ahem, veteran rocker has been playing for, and donating to, Dems for at least a decade. To make my generation feel really old, a typical UI student and "Blaze of Glory" are roughly the same age.

On a slightly more contemporary note, Lady Gaga appears to have emerged as the Peter Tosh of her generation: a sudden hero to the legalize weed community.

If Clint Eastwood can debate an empty chair, so can Lonny Pulkrabek and Janet Lyness: As anticipated, the LWV forum on the justice center proceeded with no one stepping forward to take the No side.

Both chairs will be filled at tomorrow night's debates, and I'll be filling a chair at a debate watch party, as part of a Register live chat. Not convinced they'll make much difference - the tiny sliver of undecideds will likely tune them out - but gaffe watch is always fun. I love when Poland gets liberated, and if you remember that one you're even older than a Bon Jovi fan.

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Sick of Spin said...

Even MSNBC thinks Romney won the first presidential debate.

Romney's work ethic is clearly superior to Obama's.

Debate prep in Vegas? Really?