Friday, November 09, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

Job opening for experienced spy who can keep affairs hush-hush. Top applicant:

Srsly: "Extra-marital affairs in CIA, however common they may be, are always a big, big deal since they invite potential blackmail. So whatever else is going on here it’s significantly different than an ordinary politician having an affair."

Clip-n-save: Handy-dandy list of both the new members of Congress and the folks who are leaving. Joe Walsh lost his job, which he'll no doubt use as another excuse to not pay child support. And the saddest name on the list: in an alternate universe we'd have Senator-elect Gabby Giffords.

We also get a list of hot Senate races - for 2014. Despite the hexennial rumours of a Steve King challenge to Tom Harkin, Iowa's not in the top ten. But how will this list affect me, Al Franken?

And absolutely fascinating maps: How would 2012 have turned out without universal suffrage? Roll the clock back to 1850 and see if a black president can win...

Local legislative delegation off to a good start on some of the bad laws that helped sink the much-needed Justice Center: MY Senator, Joe Bolkcom, again introducing medical marijuana bill in Iowa legislature.

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