Thursday, November 01, 2012

Too Much News For Two Clip Shows

Even More Things from the day that are worth noting: Hey, it's the first of the month. Where are the press releases from Iowa Republicans bragging about the voter registration stats? Oh, that's right:
Iowa Democrats are touting a gain of nearly 17,000 voter registrations in the past month, saying it shows the strength of their ground game heading into Tuesday’s election. Democratic active voter registration is now only 1,400 below the Republican total. A month ago, the GOP was about 11,000 ahead.
Sue Dvorsky: "in 3 months virtually erased what it took RPI 3 cycles to accomplish"

 And another feather in the cap for Iowa Dems: the Very Last Event of the Very Last Obama Campaign (no Grover Cleveland Plan B here!): Yep, Des Moines. And we got SPRINGSTEEN again... take that, Mitt Romney and Ricky Skaggs.

An important testimony on why it matters: My friend Karen Nichols, recouping from breast cancer surgery, writes on women's health and the Obama-Romney difference.

Another women's issue, and perhaps a look at 2016: the glass ceiling over the White House. Anyone taking Hillary's denials of interest seriously? Bill's been on the trail an AWFUL lot lately...

So, the Obama-Chris Christie bromance gets followed by the Mike Bloomberg endorsement. The Fix looks at the Hierarchy Of Endorsements...

Which always reminds me of ESPN's "13 Levels of Losing." Packers-Seahawks was definitely a "Level VII - The Monkey Wrench: Any situation where either A) the manager/coach of your team made an idiotic game decision, or B) a referee/umpire robbed your team of impending victory." 1st round of playoffs last season was a Level 4: Broken Axle. Awful, but our own damn fault. Not a Level II Stomach Punch like 4th and 26 against the Eagles or two missed field goals and an interception in the 2008 NFC championship.

Where will third parties matter most, asks Larry Sabato? Why, in his own Virginia, Virginia, Virginia, where the otherwise obscure Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party has a local following from his congressional days.

Finally our comic relief, NOT via the Onion: "Late Super PAC Ad Buy Urges African Americans In Ohio To Vote Republican Because Lincoln Freed The Slaves."

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