Monday, December 03, 2012

Monday clips

The first wave of Republican navel gazing about their poor performance with youth, women, blacks and Hispanics is over, only to be met with a second wave of problems with Asians and singles.

But Democrats have, or had, our own problems. Daily Kos is compiling final election returns by congressional district and has reached Iowa:
The 3rd and 4th districts in Iowa, though, show some differences between the Congressional races and the Presidential race: Vilsack-King in the IA-04 came in right around the presidential toplines, but Dem Rep. Leonard Boswell in IA-03 lagged Obama badly.
David Jarman notes: "Des Moines-area district may be the closest mirror of the national average: went 51.5% Obama/47.2% Romney."

One last, fatal, underperfomance from Leonard. If he had stepped aside and Christie Vilsack had run "right around the presidential toplines" in the 3rd, where she was registered to vote on Map Day, she'd have won.

The 4th CD was one race where I "predicted" with my heart instead of my head. It's a little gauche to blow your own horn too much, but results are in from Bleeding Heartland's election prediction contest:

If my predictive powers were all that good, I'd have played Powerball last week.

I also get a quote squeezed in at the end of Adam Sullivan's post-election talk with the parties.

And everyone bragging about how Romney carried the Election Day vote in Iowa? That's like Nebraska fans bragging they outscored the Badgers in the 4th quarter.

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