Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day Stuff

I'd planned to take today off for no good reason anyway, and the Iowa City schools started Christmas break anyway. But with traffic non-existent and stuff shut down, I've got a snow day mindset.

Republicans managed to beat the blizzard and complete their House 52 nomination convention. Dennis Litterer won and will face Democrat Todd Prichard on January 22 to replace One Packer Brian Quirk. (Worth noting today, with a Jan.22 vote there and a Feb. 5 vote here: Iowa law does not have any provisions for postponing an election. Bob Dvorsky can tell you all about that.)

Larry Sabato number crunches the electing some more. My favorite finding (item 9): the net impact of reapportionment - not redistricting but the re-apportionment of House members between the states - is a wash.

Our Own Matt Schultz goes to DC to testify about Rampant Voter Fraud in Iowa: six (6) possible incidents in 1.5 million voters. National newsmaker- or national embarrassment?

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