Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hey We Have An Election Too

It seems the Johnson County Board of Supervisors are not as big a deal as a casino. Or at least supervisor candidates don't come to the table with million dollar campaigns.

It also seems this election isn't as big a deal as the one three years ago (keep that reference handy for making comparisons today). Early voting is down by about 800 voters, though the pace started to pick up roughly Friday. On the one hand, that 2010 election saw more publicity: a death, a long appointment process, the special election petition, and the grudge-match mood of the campaign itself.

But today has been coming for a year and a half. Sure, the GOP made a better than usual effort last year against Sally Stutsman, but she was an overwhelming favorite for the legislative seat from the day she announced. It was also clear that the mood of the committee of deciders was to go straight to an election.

Sure, there's a fatigue factor. The contentious school vote (and concurrent diversity policy fight) sucked a lot of oxygen out of the air, and I'm already hearing "when can we vote on the justice center" questions. (And no, there was no way to combine things.)

And no, I don't hate to say I told ya so. Elections don't get snow days. As I write the Iowa City schools are on a two hour delay. That could still turn to a close... but the polls stay open no matter what.

Anyway, you know the drill. Election day info is here, the number crunching will be late.

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