Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Week In Review: August 19-25

My top story of the week, of course, was Anesa Kajtazovic making her formal congressional announcement. My unrestrained glee was enough to earn me a .Gif-t Shop mention, but I'm not the one who said “We just need to get her a constitutional amendment so she can be president.”

Meanwhile her primary rival Swati Dandekar picked up a key legislative endorsemenet - from a Republican.

The Kajtazovic announcement is a narrow winner for story of the week over Ben Affleck as Batman. But everyone knows the REAL Batman is Adam West.

Terry Branstad and his omnipresent junior partner ("Rising Star") Kim Reynolds rolled out The Worlds Biggest County Chair List. Bleeding Heartland caught the omissions. A few names missing from our county: Supervisor John Etheredge, Senate candidate Royce Phillips, 2012 House candidate Steve Sherman.
Speaking of Reynolds, what's the word on that rumour that Branstad 6.0 is only going to be Branstad 5.5?

Speaking of chairs, one county chair quit the GOP entirely. Oops, that's a co-chair. I've long been puzzled by Iowa Republican habit of calling heir number two officer a "co" chair rather that a "vice" chair. Finally someone made a pilot/co-pilot analogy and it made sense.

The Iowa Republican was the top story on Politico... Maybe KCRG & KWWL should read some blogs, as they seemed to think Kraig Paulsen was still "considering" a 1st CD run two weeks after he's said no and announced for re-election instead.

Fast developments in the House 33 special where Des Moines City Council member Brian Meyer drops in (after getting squeezed out of his legislative job by new Democratic leader Mark Smith) and all the other Democrats drop out. And Republicans called a convention presumably so they can nominate a dude from the audience again. Still funny.

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