Thursday, September 05, 2013

School board donors

School board is a no pay job. But it still costs money to pay for the mailings and flyers and yardsigns (which are STILL popping up in the right of way. Move them back behind the sidewalk, people!)

Today's the last campaign finance deadline before Tuesday's election, and a look at the money and donors is usually informative. That's especially true this year with the nine candidate field and some strange and contradictory coalitions popping up.

Looking over eight reports from the Iowa City district, Brian Kirschling has raised and spend the most, but not by an order of magnitude. Follow the links to see for yourself, or read my Executive Summary.

Sara Barron

Raised: $1,088
Spent: $33
Left: $1055

Donors of note: None that leap out but a few prominent non-donor endorsements: Rod Sullivan, Bob and Sue Dvorsky, and Jim Throgmorton.

Karla Cook

Raised: $5,980
Spent: $1,365
Left: $4,615

Donors of note: Kirk Ferentz (you may have heard of him) John Balmer (ex-mayor) Jean Jordison (past school candidate) Bill Ambrisco (ex city council), Jim Throgmorton (city council), Peter Wallace (ex-school board), Stephen West (as in Music) Dee Vanderhoef (ex-city council) Bob Downer (regent) Nancy Porter (ICEA retiree) Charlie Funk (banker, co-chair of 2003 bond effort) Pat Harney (county supervisor) Ed Stone (local school activist), Bob Elliott (ex city council)

Tuyet Dorau

Raised: $4,845
Spent: $4,779
Left: $66

Donors of note:  A few donors are larger: $1500 from Paulina Muzzin and  $400 from Jeff Albright, both of Coralville. Other Names You Know: State Rep. Dave Jacoby, Garry Klein (ex-city candidate) Donald Baxter (lefty activist at large), Sally Orr (GOP activist at large),

Greg Geerdes

Raised: $3,550
Spent: $808
Left: $2,742

Donors of note: All donations from self.

Phil Hemingway - No report filed. Says he has spend less than $750 on his homemade signs.

Brian Kirschling

Spent: $4,951
Left: $3,625

Donors of note: Balmer, Jordison, Stone, Funk, Vanderhoef, Michael Lensing (funeral home) Sarah Swisher (outgoing school board member, ex-Dems chair), Tom Thrams (ex-school board member) Jane Downer (wife of regent Bob) Dottie Ray (radio host) Terry Dahms (ex-Dems chair, ex-supervisor candidate), and Mom.

Jason Lewis

Spent: $2,660
Left: 0. Also reports $1,584 in-kind contributions

Donors of note: Jordison, Swisher, Throgmorton, Funk, Stone.

Chris Lynch

Spent: $1,960

Donors of note: Wallace, Paulina Muzzin (for only $50)

Jim Tate

Raised: $2,511
Spent: $1,615
Left: $895

Donors of note: $1500 from various unions. Supervisor Rod Sullivan, JCDems chair Mike Carberry, Robin Butler (activist and spouse of Supervisor Janelle Rettig)

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