Sunday, September 08, 2013

Week In Review: September 2-8

Your missing yard sign might be at the county Secondary Roads shop.

Or it might be in DeKalb, Illinois. It seems fans of NIU quarterback Jordan Lynch took a liking to signs for school board candidate Chris Lynch last weekend.  Apparently they have a Tate and a Barron on the roster too, as my signs went missing. Or maybe Vodka Samm took them.

But the SAVE HOOVER signs were far enough away from Kinnick that admirers of Missouri State wide receiver Zac Hoover left them alone.

While we're thinking school board: thanks to Sarah Swisher for her service. She's stepping down after one term. A great friend and a great Democrat.

Twin conventions Wednesday set the field for the October 22 House 33 special election to replace resigned Democrat Kevin McCarthy.  (Again: WHY is this election that's entirely in the Des Moines city limits being held just two weeks before the city election?) Democrat Brian Meyer of the Des Moines city council is a heavy favorite over Republican Some Dude Michael Young.

Candidate announcing and filing continued in nine Johnson County cities. A contested and maybe contentious city election is lining up in Coralville as attorney Matt Adam, who sued the city last year over the Von Maur move, announced for mayor.  Current council member John Lundell is also running to replace the retiring Jim Fausett.  Also announcing: professor Chris Turner for council.  Turner and Adams are Republicans, Lundell a Democrat. Just an objective fact.

I'm still solid for Anesa Kajtazovic for Congress but Pat Murphy has FINALLY done something to make me happy. That said: last year I voted for a Bears fan over a guy with a Cheesehead running mate. (that was BEFORE the retired Brian Urlacher admitted this week the Bears would fake injuries on defense in order to slow down fast-paced offenses.)

With the district bordering Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois, the 1st CD candidates have to be careful with their pro allegiances.  But Bruce Braley, who spent the week visiting campuses, has his Regents bases covered for a statewide race: Iowa State undergrad, Iowa law, and UNI purple signs.

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