Thursday, October 24, 2013

Doing > Writing

I originally left journalism 20 years ago because I was more interested in DOING politics than covering politics. This week has been like that. I know things I can't say, and as much as I love writing it's still work.

And my emotional commitments cloud my analytical skills. I guess I didn't get the memo: the May justice center election was supposed to be the protest vote, but this time I'm supposed to be "practical" and pay attention to all the dueling statistics about how good 21 bar is at enforcing a law that shouldn't even be a law.

As anyone who's worked with a voter list knows, women are harder to track than men because they're still more likely to change names on marriage. Texas Republicans, faced with a big gender gap and a strong female candidate for governor in Wendy Davis, are using this as one more trick in the vote suppression bag.

Where do theTim Dwight and Zach Wahls endorsements of Anesa Kajtazovic rank in The Fix Endorsement Hierarchy?

In the QC, Democrat Maria Bribriesco, who ran a decent but unsuccessful House race last year, will challenge Roby Smith in Senate District 47. It's been a revolving door GOP seat, with the last two incumbents (moderate Maggie Tinsman and right winger Dave Hartsuch) knocked off in the last two primaries. Democrat Phyllis Thede, now representing half the seat in the House, almost beat Hartsuch in 2006.

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