Friday, November 01, 2013

Campaign Finance: Coralville

I don't expect we'll ever know the whole story of money in the 2012 Coralville election. There are a lot of connections to look at here, and as a part-time hobbyist (who, coincidentally, is just a little bit busy at the day job) I'll just have to leave it to the full time writers to dig deeper. Let's just say this fight is about a whole lot of things at more than just a local level. Even the national press is interested.


Matt Adam raised $7,665.00 and spent $6,350.06 leaving $1,314.94.

Donors are primarily outside the city of Coralville. To me the most interesting check is $250 from Bill Vernon of Cedar Rapids. You may have heard of his wife Monica.
Kevin O'Brien, who's rumored to have his own political ambitions, chipped in $500 and listed the address of his Coralville McDonalds, though he lives in Iowa City's Manville Heights. There are also expenditures to a "Creative Management," listing the same Coralville McDonalds address.

John Lundell raised $3,687.00 and spent $1,929.77, leaving $1,757.23.  Donors are a Coralville who's who: Outgoing mayor Jim Fausett and ex-council member John Weihe,  who ran against each other two years ago, are both backing Lundell. Other familiar Coralville names: Bob and Sue Dvorsky, Dave and Lynette Jacoby, Mitch and Melanie Gross, John Colloton. And from outside the city limits,  Rep. Sally Stutsman, Supervisor Terrence Neuzil, and Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek,

David Fesler and Logan Strabala did not file reports, which likely meant they raised and spent less than the $750 which triggers the reporting requirements. A few Fesler signs have been spotted. The 18 year old Strabala did at least get around to registering to vote.


Tom Gill had a concise report: no fundraising and $2,215.23 spent out of pocket.

Laurie Goodrich raised $1,495.00 and spent $1,309.68, leaving $185.32. The most notable donor is Fausett; the largest donor was an across the street neighbor who gave $200.

Bill Hoeft started the year with $565.23 left from 2009. The Gazette's Brian Morelli quites Hoeft saying he stayed under the $750 limit. Signs are up but those may have been left over.

David Petsel raised $2,820.00 and loaned himself $729.51, and has $2,249.76 remaining. Other than the heavy overlap with Adam and Turner donors, the interesting things here are two business donations, $200 from Harbit Landscaping and $150 from Albrecht Flooring. Dan Harbit shows up with individual donations to Winckler.

Jean Schnake filed an old-school hand written report and has spent $2298.45, all out of pocket.

Chris Turner raised $2,250.00 and spent  $1,847.34, leaving $402.66. No local electeds seen here. Most of these names overlap with the Adam list. O'Brien is in for his $500. Iowa City doctor Chuck Skaugstad and wife Sheryl each gave $250, same as they gave to Adam.

John Weber filed an organization statement on October 8, listing Rex Brandstatter as chair, but as of this morning had not filed the October 31 report.

UPDATE: Weber filed on paper yesterday afternoon and it was posted today. He raised $1210, $750 of it from himself, and spent $1000.46 leaving $209.54. That's below the $2000 which would have required an electronic report.

Other than himself, donors included 2011 candidate Lynn Snyder, Coralville legend Delores Slade and Regent Bob Downer.

Mark Winkler raised $6125 ($2150 from himself) and spent $4,523.28, leaving $1,601.72. The same suspects as the rest of the Americans For Prosperity slate - O'Brien, Skaugstad, Ambrose, with the interesting addition of Coral Ridge Mall manager Monica Nadeau.

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