Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Caucus morning clips

Caucus caucus caucus caucus caucus caucus caucus! Here's where. Here's why.

It's also campaign finance time. As Johnson County Caucus Czar I won't have time to dig into reports for a couple days, but if you want to yourself here's the state and local links. The two best committee names, Friends Of Bacon and Citizens For Rock, unfortunately represent defunct candidacies. Ed Tibbets has a good QC-area roundup.
State Rep. Tom Shaw is not seeking re-election in deep red House District 10 in Pocahontas, Humboldt, Calhoun, and Webster counties. Shaw must have gotten lonesome. He was part of a three member Krazy Kaucus elected in 2010; the other two, Kim Pearson and Glen Massie, quit after one term each and saw Democrats win their seats.

Technically, Shaw took over a Democratic seat in `10. But the Democrat was Dolores Mertz who was barely a Democrat and barely won her last term in 2008. So this probably gets settled in the primary, and Shaw had two hot primaries in his two terms.

And from the Peoples Яepublic, a tip of the hat to the newly organized SOLO Democrats of the state's red northwest corner. The name does NOT mean that there is one Democrat each in Sioux, Osceola, Lyon & O'Brien counties.

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